Can I be blacklisted to buy a house? Revealing how to remove the blacklist Home loan help


Can I be blacklisted to buy a house? Revealing how to remove the blacklist Home loan help
Everyone wants to have their own dream home in their life. The most popular questions are probably not included in the blacklist. Can I buy a house? This is a question that many people may wonder about. When applying for a loan to buy a home Can salaried people on the blacklist buy a house? 


Affiliated with credit bureau What is being on a blacklist?
Being on a credit bureau or the full term "on a credit bureau" or "on a blacklist" is an indication of the financial status of a person who has problems. This will be assessed from spending behavior, buying things, paying in installments, and various goods and services that are recorded by the "Credit Bureau" or "National Credit Bureau Company Limited". If we have bad spending habits, such as 


1. I have more debt than my salary. Therefore causing the payment to be delayed. In the end, I couldn't pay.
2. I have old debts that need to be cleared.
3. I have many installment obligations. (Turn that card over and put it in this card. to survive for months only)
4. Is in debt outside the system (only pay the interest, not reduce the
amount) 5. High monthly expenses (Pay more than salary)
6. Old account cannot be closed. (I don't know where I'll find the money to close it.)

Can I be blacklisted to buy a house?
The answer is you can buy it. If using the loan method together with family members who have a clean history or has already been removed from the blacklist This means having your name removed from the credit bureau. Which must wait approximately 2-3 years or all debts must be paid off first. And there is no history of overdue payments at all. Salarymen who are thinking of owning a condo or a house can unlock this obstacle with the following two methods.

Method 1: Salaryman removes blacklist With good financial status and liquidity
 1.List of outstanding debts All whether principal or interest
 2. Allocate debt into one lump sum. Can help reduce interest rates
 3. Adjust new behavior in repaying debts. Be on time on the payment date. and keep the receipt every time to bring it as
   Evidence for applying for a loan
4. Save a lump sum of money. both from bonus money Commission Money that salaried employees earn from extra work
  or bonuses to cover all debts. This makes the home loan have more money left over.
5. Stop being an installment person. or get an additional credit card Because it is the main cause of salaried people in

Method 2: Salarymen remove the blacklist. With the financial situation facing problems
 1. Allocate the importance of each type of debt. By considering the interest rate first. As soon as I realized that
   are experiencing financial problems
2. Negotiate with the bank to restructure debt Helps ease the burden by reducing interest rates and extending
   the payment period. After arranging the importance of debts
3. Stop being an installment person. and use lump sum savings Or use the extra income to cover each debt pile.      
   To unlock the blacklist permanently
4. Check your own blacklist information again. Ready to collect evidence to confirm with officials.  
  Bank as soon as it is free from blacklist Because the blacklist will be stored in the credit bureau information for up to 3 years.
5. Maintain this clean credit. To make it easier to apply for a home loan

Even though it is classified as a group of people with poor credit repayment. But if there is a better behavior in spending money Improved credit history from bad to good Don't forget to maintain your credit. and avoid defaulting on payments To build good credit for yourself For anyone who is interested in buying a house - condo or investing in real estate. If you want complete real estate consultation, you can consult with The Bangkok Residence through every channel. As per the details below.


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